Marry Your Conscience

Have you heard about the studies that say we are a reflection of the five people that we spend the most time with? That’s right! We become most like the people we most like! When you look around your life, who or what do you see? Are there people who i … READ MORE

Are You Ready To Own Your Inner Superhero?

Halloween is almost here. Many of us have spent days planning and putting together the perfect costume. I am always fascinated to see the trends in Halloween costumes since I view them as a commentary on what is relevant in today’s society. This year, … READ MORE

Are You Finally Fed Up With Being Fed Up?

Are you… Sick of feeling stuck? Tired of talking about change that never seems to happen? Frustrated with feeling like you are never enough? Week after week I hear stories from people who just can’t seem to get out of their own way. They are still talk … READ MORE

Healing the Dis-ease of Entitlement

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the concept of entitlement — that feeling so many of us have that we are owed something, that we have rights or deserve something to be the way we think it should be. Think of the times you have thought or had s … READ MORE

Life Can Be Easy – The Choice is Yours!

Do you remember when one of the big office supply stores developed the big red “Easy” button as a reminder to “keep things easy at work”? Years ago, one of my fellow staff members at The Ford Institute started bringing a big red “Easy” button to all of … READ MORE

Tips For Overcoming Overcommitment & Overwhelm

Do you get anxious thinking about your “to-do” list? Do you constantly wonder how you’re going to possibly get everything done? Are you exhausted, feeling it’s your job to take care of everyone and everything? The other day I was talking to a group of … READ MORE

Cutting The Cords Of Family Dysfunction

Day after day, I have people who come to me because they feel stuck in their relationships. Although their circumstances may be unique, their themes are common. They: Become masters at avoiding or denying what’s really going on in their relationships o … READ MORE

Creating Your Perfect Day

Can you imagine that in just a few days it will be August? Have you gotten around to doing all the things that you said you would do this summer? Have you had that “perfect” summer day? I am big believer in creating perfect days! Although it tends to h … READ MORE

Step Out Of Your Outdated Definition of Self!

Have you ever told yourself “That’s not me!” “I’m not the type of person who would…” or “Not in a million years would I…”? Day after day, I hear stories from people who are certain about who they are, how they will react to situations, and what is or i … READ MORE

3 Keys To Emotional Independence

Happy Independence Day – the day we celebrate our “unalienable rights” to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and freedom! Now of course there are many ways to achieve living life to the fullest, feeling liberated, and attaining happiness, but I c … READ MORE

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Happy Summer! The season of relaxation, vacations, warm weather, and FUN! But after teaching hundreds of programs and working with thousands of people, I know that the reality is most people have a hard time having fun!   We have a hard time putting th … READ MORE