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Are you ready for an evolutionary leap?


The kind that empowers you to shift you from “pretty good” to “great,” from “surviving” to “thriving,” from “fine” to “fabulous“?

If you’re reading this, then you’re someone who wants to improve, who’s interested in shining a light on your blind spots and breaking through whatever barriers are standing in the way of you and heart’s desires.

You understand the value in doing inner work in order to create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

While you may have dabbled in personal growth, attended workshops, worked with professionals, or read self-help books, you’re ready to play bigger than that.

You want a partner, a mentor, an Olympic-level visionary who can move you beyond limitation, through transformation, into manifestation and ultimately celebration. We all know that “No one gets to the Olympics without a coach,” why not master your life with one?

While you’ve achieved quite a bit in your life, you still feel incomplete or that want for something more.

Despite outer appearances, you…

…struggle with the fear of failing, of losing what you have, or of others finding out that you’re actually a mess on the inside, a fake or fraud.

…cringe every time you remember that you’re still looking for love, a partner in life, and you’re getting older by the day or settling for crumbs. Afraid it will never happen.

…beat yourself up for painful mistakes you made in the past, and you can’t help but feel that cloud of shame haunting you every day.

…or maybe you’re growing tired of the chase to have it all, be it all, and do it all.

No matter what inner demons or battles you’re fighting, this is where they can end. This is where you finally discover how magnificent, worthy, and capable you are of creating not only an amazing life but also an amazing relationship with yourself and with life.

If this is what you want, if you want to be done with living in fear and self-loathing, then I’m your champion and your cheerleader.

  • The person who will root you on, inspire you to strive for what you truly desire, and who will remain committed to your greatness.
  • The person who will hold space for you to face your darkest beliefs head on so they can be transformed
  • The person who will care enough to listen openly, speak authentically, and hold you compassionately accountable as you open up to greater levels of integrity and self-love.
  • The person who will guide you in shining a light on your truth and your greatest life vision.
  • And the person who will remind you that you, yes, YOU, can create the life you really want and no, you can’t give up.

Then, it’s time to experience a highly-customized one-on-one transformational coaching experience that pinpoints what you want, clears out the clutter of the past, provides structure, accountability and support, and upgrades you on a cellular level so that you can step into your superpowers and super strengths.

Together, we’ll explore:

  • The collection of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors that prevent you from having all the love, success, and happiness you desire
  • What integrity means to you and where you are “in” or “out” of integrity
  • The stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you are worthy of
  • Your outdated ways of being that keep you stuck, cause you pain, and no longer serve you
  • Your feelings of unworthiness and tendencies to self-sabotage
  • All of the magnificent parts of yourself that you don’t claim and project onto others

You’ll learn:

  • Tools, concepts, and exercises that allow you to redirect the trajectory of your history
  • How to live a life that is always being guided by integrity
  • How to get back in the driver’s seat of your life by taking radical responsibility
  • Structures for success to support you in continually falling in love with yourself and your life


  • You become the idol of yourself as you step into becoming the person you want and were born to be!
  • You shift from a life of mediocrity to a life filled to the brim with adventure, love, and deep satisfaction

  • You learn to live beyond the seduction of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and smallness, and unleash your unrecognizable self!
  • You become excited, certain, and fearless by learning how to live an integrity-guided life.
  • You bask in the level of consciousness that will get you where you want to go.
  • You stop living from your “to-do” list and start living from your “bucket” list.
  • You feel lit up from the inside out and launched into a limitless life of ease, authenticity, liberation, and love!

  • You learn tools, concepts, and perspectives that will create dramatic shifts, and sustainable, revolutionary results so that you can keep spiraling up in the next version of yourself.

Private Coaching with Kelley is limited to 10 VIPs


A masterful transformation coach, implementing a powerful approach to personal insight and change; and above all that, a model of integrity.” —Bill T.

Kelley is an incredible transformational teacher and coach! She is absolutely committed to your transformation and her level of integrity is impeccable. She’s not just someone who talks the talk. She actually does the work and is speaking from her experience.” —Thérèse Cator

Kelley really knows how to listen to what’s not being said. She knows what I need before I do because she is being the clean vessel that I need to make such discoveries. When she hears what I’m not saying, she gives the gentle nudge or the ass kicking that I need to own up to my potential.” – Vincent Scotto