Jun 14 - Jun 16

The Body Shadow: From Self-Loathing to Self-Loving

Rhinebeck, New York

How many times a day do you tell yourself you need to change your body? Do you avoid looking in the mirror or lose weight only to gain it back again over time?

Diet and exercise are important, but the reason we sabotage health and well-being has less to do with what we are doing and more to do with the limiting beliefs we hold around our body. For change to be sustained, we must dive into the shadows of our consciousness and explore what is keeping us stuck, self-sabotaging, and in a place of self-loathing.

Guided by a world-renowned coach and transformational teacher, learn a safe and supportive experiential process to expose hidden beliefs, commitments, and impulses that control daily decisions. You discover how to break free from fear, shame, regret, and self-sabotage, and encode your consciousness with new, empowering beliefs and possibilities.

If you’ve tried all the diet and exercise trends and are ready to befriend your body in a way you never thought possible, then it’s time to work from the inside out.

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