relationship-photoStories about extra-marital affairs, couples on the rocks, spouses who are unhappily married and can not decide what to do, individuals who are estranged from their families, children who don’t speak to their parents, and friends and business partners who betray each other permeate our society. Most people think that the best way to handle these broken, unhealthy or toxic relationships is to move on, forgive and forget, create a happy fa├žade, learn to live with and manage the anger, blame and resentment, avoid the truth, disconnect, or just try to stay positive and work it out for the sake of the children, mutual friends, peace or because it just seems easier to do so.

But what if these troubled relationships all come bearing gifts?
What if they all are happening for a reason
and are designed for the evolution of your soul?

Our relationships serve as our mirrors. We attract the perfect people in our lives to show us the parts of ourselves that we can not see or need to be healed. A relationship expert, Kelley helps you find the gifts in each of your relationships. She not only works with individuals, but also with couples, family members, friends, teams, or business associates. She creates a safe space to support you, either individually or collectively, in having the courage to look into the mirror and expose all that is standing between you and the relationships you desire. You will begin to love what you see, as you step into new levels of authenticity, honesty and connectedness, not only with others but also with yourself. Ultimately, you will learn to love yourself, receive love and abundance and manifest the relationships of your dreams.

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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
– Eleanor Roosevelt