personal-empowerment-photo“Some Day My Prince Will Come.”
“If I Were a Rich Man.”
“When Will I Be Loved?”
“Some Where over the Rainbow”

As most of the songs that play inside of our heads imply, we are all living in a some day fantasy…. the hope that when we  either: lose 20lbs., get married, make a million dollars, have the big house, dream job or picture perfect family then our life will be happy. We feel the ache of thinking that our life is not as it should be, that we are stuck or that our happiness is somewhere out there, but we just haven’t attained it yet.

But what if the “some day” is now?
What if the key to your happiness lies inside
of you and you have the potential to unlock
the door and set yourself free?

Able to shift a paradigm by asking a few key questions, Kelley is successful because of her ability to hold people accountable, bust them of their own BS and help them get out of their own way! She wakes you up from the trance of denial so you can see your excuses, justifications and acceptance of the status quo and the impact they have on your life and happiness. She assists you in getting out of your mind and the endless conversation about what “should be” or “might happen some day” and supports you in being proactive and consciously creating your life today. By taking action steps that are in alignment with your intentions, you can turn your fantasy into your reality!

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Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
– Dalai Lama