Why work with an expert?

No one gets to the Oscars without an acting coach, the Grammys without a singing coach, or the Olympics without an athletic coach.

What do they know that the rest of us are just learning? Answer: You don’t have to do it alone!

The most successful individuals are those who surround themselves with people who are committed to their success!

So whether it’s gold medals, gold statutes, a pot of gold, a gold ring on your finger, or just the feeling that your life is “golden”, Kelley can assist you in achieving your goals and turning your dreams into your reality. Unlike therapy, which generally focuses on talking about the past, Kelley’s work is forward focused. She uses the past to reveal the blockages, the limiting patterns, unconscious beliefs or thoughts that have kept you stuck, so that you can bust through them and shift not only one area of your life, but actually change your life completely!

By working with Kelley you will…

  • Make peace with your past and have the love, relationships, career, money, body… that your heart’s desire!
  • Stop playing it small, playing it safe, or stop beating yourself up for not being good enough and be the person you aspire to be!
  • Release your feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness – and actually fall in love yourself!
  • Stop looking to others and the outside world for affirmation and instead look inside to find the love, acceptance and validation that you need.
  • Recognize the self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that have kept you stuck and take action and responsibility to create the life you want.

Known as “a coach’s coach” or “a kick ass coach”, the reason that Kelley is such a successful coach is because she is passionate about her clients achieving the same internal and external results that she has. Truly gifted in holding her clients accountable and supporting them to realize their self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting patterns, she is committed to helping them to get off the gerbil wheel they’ve been stuck on and to show up differently in their lives so they can create the “something more” they’ve been wanting. Her client’s achieve dramatic results. They let go of: the relationships that no longer serve them, the pain of a broken heart, the 10 – 20 pounds that erode their self-confidence, the unsatisfying career that leaves them feeling flat or the disempowering voices in their head They begin to: speak and live in their truth, stop playing it safe and go after what they want, transform and improve their current relationships, and claim the lives they’ve always known they are “supposed to be living!”


Kelley works with individuals, couples, groups and corporations all over the world.

She offers a wide variety of services, which include:

  • Coaching over the phone, in-person or on-site
  • Working with individuals, couples, groups and organizations
  • Facilitating dynamic individualized sessions, lectures or workshops
  • Process based coaching, a 4-month coaching program, that guarantees amazing results
  • Customizing programs to fit your personal, professional, or organizational needs.

Her areas of focus include:

One-On-One Mastermind Coaching

The Ultimate Upgrade

Get StartedGet Started

How to achieve optimum results?

Kelley can customize a program to meet your needs and goals. However change takes commitment and consistency over time. To achieve optimum results and create a shift in your internal and external world, you should be ready to commit to a 4-month coaching program. During this period you will have a weekly 60-minute session with Kelley. Each week you will come up with action steps. In order to achieve your vision and goals, it is imperative that you take these action steps and really commit to doing your part in transforming your life and achieving your goals.

Free Consultation

Coaching is a personal relationship. It is important that you feel comfortable and connected to the person you choose to work with. In order for you to feel confident about your choice, Kelley offers a free consultation/sample session. This will give you an opportunity to get to know Kelley’s style and personality, learn more about her work and to work with Kelley to customize a program that is perfect for you!